Healthy relationships

Building healthy, fulfilling relationships can help us thrive in our lives.

Life is made up of all sorts of relationships – family, friends, romantic partners, and even teachers and schoolmates. Every relationship is unique, and relationships with people in your life can look really different from each other. What's most important is that all these different relationships in your life make you feel respected, supported, and help you to thrive as an individual.

Healthy, supportive relationships are made up of three key components:

  • Healthy communication
  • Healthy expectations
  • Healthy boundaries

In this section, we will define and explore strategies to build skills in these areas to help you build healthy, fulfilling relationships.

How to talk to your provider

How to talk to your provider about


Providers can help with more than just your physical health! They can also provide guidance on healthy communication on sex and relationships.

How to start the conversation

  • I want to make sure my partner and I are on the same page. How do I talk to my partner about getting tested for STIs?
  • While my partner and I were fooling around, they asked me to do something I was not comfortable with. What should I do?
  • I am in a relationship, and I often feel unsafe. I am worried that they will hurt me or themselves - they've threatened to in the past. What should I do?

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