My readiness for healthcare on my own

How prepared do you feel to take charge of your health?

Not sure if you are ready to start the transition into managing your own health? Read the following statements and keep track of many are true to you!

  • I know my medical needs.
  • I can explain my medical needs to others.
  • I can tell when I am feeling not well, including what could be symptoms I quickly need to see a doctor for.
  • I know what to do in case I have a medical emergency.
  • I know my own medicines, what they are for, and when I need to take them.
  • I know my allergies to medicines and medicines I should not take.
  • I carry important health information with me every day (e.g. insurance card, medications I need to take, emergency contact information).
  • I understand how health care privacy changes at age 18 when I am legally an adult.
  • I understand how my health insurance status will change at age 26 if I am still using my parent’s health insurance
  • I know or I can find my doctor’s phone number.
  • I make my own doctor appointments.
  • Before a visit, I think about questions to ask.
  • I have a way to get to my doctor’s office.
  • I know to show up 15 minutes before the visit to check in.
  • I know how to fill out medical forms.
  • I know where my pharmacy is and how to get or refill my medicines.
  • I have a plan so I can keep my health insurance after 18 or older.
If you were able to answer “Yes, I know this” to MOST of the statements above (doesn't need to be all of them!) then you are very prepared to make the transition! If you answered a lot with “I need to learn” that’s fine too!

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