Questions I might be asked during a doctor's visit

What questions might I be asked during a visit with a healthcare provider?

During your yearly visit, the healthcare provider might ask different questions across a range of topics about your health. They may even ask some sensitive questions.

Providers might ask these personal questions to better understand your health, testing and other care needs. The provider should keep your responses to most of these questions confidential

Knowing what you might be asked can help you prepare for an upcoming appointment. Below are some questions you might be asked during a healthcare visit about your general health and about your sexual and reproductive health specifically.


Any time you feel uncomfortable you don’t have to pretend that you are okay with the questions. You can decline to answer a question, express your discomfort, and/or leave the situation. Also feel free to ask a provider “Can you explain what you mean?” for any question they may ask. Health care providers have a technical language of their own that they use to communicate with other members of the health care team. Sometimes they need to be reminded that we as patients are not trained in that language and they need to use non-technical terms, or to explain what those technical terms mean!

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