Healthcare rights

Healthcare rights are human rights

Rights are based in shared beliefs. Some rights are protected by the law, for example the right to free speech and freedom of religion. All people have rights regardless of who they are or their experiences.

There are rights that people have when they need medical care too. All teens and young adults deserve high quality, confidential, affordable, informative, and comfortable healthcare services without judgement. You have the right to healthcare services on your terms! This means you should be treated with respect and get your questions answered in a way you want and that is responsive to your needs. You are the expert on whether or not you feel safe and respected in any situation - honor that intuition!

Knowing what your healthcare rights are can empower you to get the services you need and make the most out of your healthcare visit – whether that’s time with the doctor without your parents, financial support for birth control, or making sure you’re respected by the doctor.

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