Right to informative care

When you see a healthcare provider, you have the right to get to get information and services you need.

Here are some things to remember that can help you get the most out of your care visits:

Share your needs and what you know about yourself.

Whether you’re looking for STI testing, to discuss birth control options, or have them look at a strange bump, being direct will help make sure you get what you need out of your appointment. And the more details, the better! If it’s hard to put into words, bring a written list to give to your provider with problems, symptoms, concerns, or questions. This can help start the conversation.

They’ve seen and heard it all before.

While it’s normal to feel uncomfortable talking about personal subjects, you don’t need to worry. Your provider talks all sorts of patients about all sorts of things, and is trained to help you with your health and emotional concerns without judgment. Their job is to care for your health and well-being. The more they know about you and your health-related habits, the better they will be able to help you. No question or topic is off limits!

Ask for clarification.

If the provider explains things in ways that aren’t clear, you can ask for them to say it again differently. If an exam is part of your visit, you can ask the provider exactly what will happen both before and during the exam. You can also ask the provider to slow down or stop at any time if you’re feeling uncomfortable. Remember – it’s your appointment!

Your provider should respect your privacy.

The provider should keep your visit confidential, so you can ask the questions you really want to know without concern that it will be shared with your parents or other people. The only exception is if you tell the provider about someone hurting you or if they feel you are a danger to yourself or others, they will have to tell somebody else.

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