Know your Birth Control

Sterilization is a permanent method of pregnancy prevention.

How good is it at preventing pregnancy?

One of the most effective methods, with less than 1 in 100 people getting pregnant in the first year using it.

How it's used

A doctor does a procedure either in the office or the operating room.

  • For people with ovaries, the sterilization procedure closes or blocks the fallopian tubes so you can’t get pregnant. (The tubes are where eggs and sperm meet between the ovary and uterus). If they can’t meet, you won’t get pregnant.
  • For people with testicles, the sterilization procedure blocks the tubes that carry sperm from the scrotum, so sperm cannot leave the body and cause pregnancy.

How often do I have to remember it

This is permanent. Once you have it done, you don’t have to think about it again. (But you also can’t change your mind.)

Side Effects

  • Possible pain or discomfort right after procedure
  • You never have to think about birth control again


You never have to think about birth control again.

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