Know your Birth Control

The patch is a thin piece of plastic that is put on your skin and releases hormones to prevent pregnancy.

How good is it at preventing pregnancy?

A reasonably effective method, with only 9 in 100 people getting pregnant in the first year using it.

How it's used

On your skin

How often do I have to remember it

Change it every week

Side Effects

For the first few months, you may have nausea and breast tenderness


  • Can make your periods less heavy and less crampy
  • Can help clear up your acne
  • Lowers your risk of ovarian and uterine cancer

Who shouldn't use this method

People with certain types of migraines, high blood pressure, history of blood clots, or who are both over the age of 35 and smoke are at increased risk of having a stroke or other bad outcomes with this method

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