Choosing a clinic

Find a clinic that is right for you

When you’re looking to go to a new general healthcare provider or looking to a new clinic for sexual or reproductive care, it’s important to find a provider or clinic that you are comfortable with so that you can feel good about discussing personal or challenging topics! Think about what is important to you in a clinic or provider.

Click the cards below for suggestions on how to ask about these things when you call to book an appointment or where to find the information you need!

Is it important that the provider is the same gender as you?

Ask: “Do you have any providers that are (insert gender)?”

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Is the office nearby school or your house?

Check on a map (link Google Maps) to see how far a clinic/office is from you.

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How will you get there?

Google Maps is a great tool to see if there is public transport nearby, if it is in walking distance, or if you will need to drive. You can always ask “What is the nearest bus or subway stop?” when you call.

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Can you book an appointment online?

This can usually be answered on the clinic/office’s website. If you are calling ahead of time, you can ask “Does your clinic/office offer online appointment scheduling?” for the future.

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Do they have an online portal for medical information or test results?

Ask “Does your clinic/office have an online portal so I can see test results and my medical information online? Can I message my provider directly?”

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Is it accessible?

Ask “Is your clinic/office wheelchair accessible?”

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Do they have interpreters or translators?

Ask “Does your clinic have someone who can interpret to (insert language) during my appointment?” Many clinics have staff that can translate to multiple languages!

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Will the appointment be kept confidential?

Ask: “What are the confidentiality rules of the clinic?”

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Do they accept your insurance?

Ask: “Do you accept [name of insurance plan]”?

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Are they comfortable with working with transgender youth?

Ask: “Do you have any providers that have experience working with (insert gender) youth?”

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Find a clinic

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We hope to prepare you for all parts of your clinic visit, so you know what to expect before, during and after your appointment.