Mental health

Mental health includes how you feel emotionally, your sense of self-esteem, and any feelings of stress.

It’s an extremely important part of your overall health, and because it plays a big role in how you feel, it can influence your relationships both with yourself and the people in your life. Many people feel some anxiety, stress, or sadness at times (for example if you have a big test coming up or had a fight with a parent or friend). But when those negative feelings start to affect your day-to-day life, it might be time to talk about your mental health with a trusted adult such as a parent, counselor, or teacher.

All people deserve to feel safe, seen, and supported in navigating mental health challenges. It can be helpful to think about and reflect on what kinds of support feel good or right for you, so that in the future you can start a dialogue with your loved ones about what works and what doesn’t. Learning how to communicate your needs openly is a learning process, and what you need or want can change over time. And if you are struggling, the first step is often reaching out to someone you trust and telling them. In this section we share more information about some commonly experienced mental health challenges and ideas for reflecting on getting the support you want and need.

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